During the last four years 2009- 2012 our foundation, in partnership with Southeast Christian Church, Louisville Ky. has organized women´s conferences in La Habana where 1200 participants has discussed faith, social and economic subjects, among others, with the purpose of strenghthening the family ties and highlight the women´s rol in the community. This was an unforgetable time of fellowship and communion. The impact of the conference lead us to organize and program for a 2013 event.

Topics for the  conference, October, 18-20- 2013.

1. Overview of family situation in Cuba.

2. The rol of women in the family. Building the present and the future of their children.

3. Women in the Bible. History that inspire today´s women.


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Combine the young and the experience women. Ages is not an issue to believe in how women can affect their comunities in a positive way.